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420 in Denver – The Civic Center Park Rally 2012 WeedMaps.TV once again takes a visit to the Denver, CO where they spent the afternoon at Civic Center Park for the annual 420 Rally. Join Gil as he ventures around the sea of smokers, meeting with old and new friends as they all await the epic countdown to 4:20.

Special thanks to musical artist Jahni Denver:


  • Losers. 

  • i cant wait i live in dever now

  • 2:53 Tracy Morgan

  • Devin im guessing thats you 😛

  • fuck you greg martin you are just pissed cause you smoke shitty buds all day

  • Denver is such a shit hole. Happy 420!

  • That is fucked up! This country is going down the shitter if this kind of crap spreads across the country. It is really sad! They should just re-name it the "Loser Convention."

  • just make it legal nationwide already

    these people are not hurting anybody they are all peaceful and happy.

    alchohol causes much more violence than pot ever did and tobacco causes more death.

    society needs to catch up to the people who have live in it.

    the laws are outdated and obsolete, its time for the government to grow up with the rest of us on this issue.

    stop putting people in jail who are not hurting anyone.


  • I'd rather pinch my chicks and grind my weed!!! CLASSIC

  • Haha yep Colorado FULLY legalized Mary Jane. I love living here. Going in 11 days XD

  • ah yes excuse me, You're an idiot LOL

  • 0:18 PAUL! 😀

  • In Colorado you can… cops wont say nothing!

  • we are above the law

  • Yeah but seriously people cant just smoke a ton of weed in public like that without attracting the law?

  • Cops? There are none except the ones looking for a contact high. It is Denver, man!

  • Where are the cops?

  • I'm moving there just for the weed

  • Tokin Daily !!!!!

  • decriminalized basically means they are not gonna arrest u for it if u have under like an oz
    they will more then likely just tell u to stomp it or break ur pipe worst case scenario get a ticket. but now that its legal for recreational purposes the police cant arrest u or cite you but if u have too much on you then you can get arrested by the dea because its federal.