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420 Denver Colorado Civic Center Rally 2012

Going on day 3 of 4/20 celebrations! We will have full coverage of the Civic Center Park 420 Event at the Capitol AND the 2012 Denver High Times Medical Cannabis Cup coming very soon!!! Stay tuned and stay lifted! Cheers – Gil


  • DAMMIT!!! I live in Denver, AND I MISSED IT?!

  • Whats this the line for food stamps

  • i was next to the bitch in the black hat

  • eu quero ir pra DENVER !!!!!!!!

  • follow me @RoMieez

  • Check my 420 video out i was there day 1

  • I wish I never had to leave denver 🙁

  • It was a great time! 🙂

  • freak? ur the one degrading your own race!

  • look at the camera you blind freak!!!

  • The event in this video is the Denver 420 march. I'm talking about the CU Boulder march, which had a severely depressed turnout due to the university doing their best to keep protesters away.

  • Probably the most peaceful gathering I've ever seen

  • I would say I wish I was there but I was in Amsterdam for 420.. Friggin amazing

  • I would say I wish I wa

  • looks like many thousands to me…not 400

  • Ron Paul wont win shit, unfortunately…the game is rigged incase you hadn't heard.

  • Man, wish I was there.

  • how much weed is in there total?…GO!

  • Ron Paul 2012. Bring Freedom back! Freedom to fuck how I want. Freedom to spend my money how I want. Freedom to shoot my guns. And Freedom to smoke MY weed. Vote smart everyone. Vote for freedom.

  • lol this dude has no idea what hes talking about. Asking you for facts when if he took 10 mins of proper research he would understand how stupid he sounds. But no, instead people like him take 10 mins to argue with the informed, rather than get informed.