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“4 Star General” – (Strain Review)


“4 Star General” is a cross between “Tres Dawg x Star Dawg” that was originally bred by Top Dawg seeds under the name “Tre Star Dawg”, but when @firebros206 snagged these genetics, they also realized they were running a Star Dawg & Tres Dawg in their garden, so they renamed the pheno “4 Star General” to avoid all confusion!

It provides you with a very mood-boosting, creative, slighty up-lifting head high that transitions into more of a spacey couch-lock as time goes on! Great for Stress & Appetite Stimulation! Overall I give this strain a solid [5.8/7]


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  • Beautiful Buds

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  • Sounds good :D

  • josh!!!!! youre the best!!!!! love you man!!!!! thanks for the positivity my brother!!!! :)

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  • I bought some of dat "four star General" from my dispensary awhile back and it was some really dannk shit

  • Sam

    Is it just me or does he sound strange when he says "very" aha?

  • Rex