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4 KNIFE HITS!!!!!!! 3 pass out stories

18+older. We take 4 fatty knifers and tell some stories! Be careful!!!!!




  • hey bro i made my own custom gatoraid bottle hooter thing but how do you stop the drool and slobber ?

  • doing knife hits with the homes for their fist time because of this video

  • Dude looks like The Son of Sam Killer, David Berkowitz.

  • let's smoke together Man!

  • Coming back to this video since this was the first ever video ive watched on your channel

  • why is the smoke blue man lol

  • going to do this

  • k but he is wasting his life

  • Definitely gonna try this sometime

  • yeah! They go hard…. Rocked me my 1st time haha

  • never done a knife hit but i do dabs and smoke bud almost every other day, will this still be that intense if i am use to dabbing?

  • dude your lungs haha your an animal

  • WTF!? I never seen this before…next time i must try this out :D

  • He's so fucking weird

  • stop wasting your life

  • @carkidsbff

  • Use an Oil burner put a candle under and your bud on top =p

  • this is awesome

  • So funny, takes me back to my youth. It's called hot knives in uk, well assume it still is but was several decades ago so might well have changed by now. Anyway a glass bottle is safer as it's so easy to catch the knives against the plastic and end up inhaling molten plastic – yuk & definately not healthy. There's a way of breaking the bottom off a wine bottle cleanly by throwing a hot coin inside but the details escape me after so long.

  • my absolute favorite way to get faded