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4 INCH VAPORIZER?? (Exxus Mini Review)


So Exxus sent over their “mini” for me to do a review on! This is hands down one of the smallest herb vaporizers that i’ve ever got to play around with!

Overall I give this a solid [5.9/7]

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MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
2602 S. 38th St. PMB#138
Tacoma, WA 98409


  • like the new spot!

  • Josh, can you please give a review on the Ploom Pax 1 or 2? I think you would have an interest opinion on that! Plus it's very portable and stealthy.

  • Vape highs always put me to sleep it's a way heavier high I feel it a lot more I know this is different for most people though

  • Finally a vape as small as my penis.

  • use a grinder braj

  • I always take my cousins vape and I love vapes

  • yes Josh became people are going to bring inhaling lighter fluid in public XD

  • I don't get why he says "my name would be josh"… do people say that?

  • Weighing in at 4 inches lolol

  • Can you do a review for the newer cloudv platinum mini ?

  • that's not the only thing you held today that's 4 inches. ohhhhhhhhhh shitttttt GOT EM

  • You should review the V2 Pro Series 7 ??

  • You should do a vapcap review

  • Vapin' on my airistech nokiva.

  • always the best beats on youtube

  • I'm sorry did he say a 2 hour charge lets you use it for 30 mins? or am i I hearing things. cause that's sounds absolutely horrible.

  • 1650 mAh…

  • This is probably wayyy over due Josh, but i think you need to update those playlists. I would like to have to the ability to go through your newer videos by category. If you click any of the videos in there you can tell right away they are starting to get old lol

  • Does it have a pass through charge? I have yet to find a vape that has that. When I do, I will buy it immediately!

  • i have a Pax 2 it's dope as fuck.