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So today I decided to go back to my channels roots and do a big ol’ combo rip!! I’m smoking on some Agent Orange and some Jilly Bean from (Refine Seattle x Center St. Collective).

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  • Ninersnation´╗┐


  • Tbt my man haha but Seahawks are the best I've always been a fan myself but I still get shit´╗┐

  • what is the music playing?ÔŁĄ´╗┐

  • first time i every took 4 dabs in one night i was drooling and shit it was awesome´╗┐

  • Hey man I was wondering what that song was in the background really feeling it haha shout outs from 509´╗┐

  • ROFL do you like him!! Cheers from N Seattle┬á´╗┐

  • The bearded beast strikes again! Nice videos dude, this channel is HOT!´╗┐

  • Steve largent Walter jones Dave krieg Cortez Kennedy Shawn Alexander warren moon Marcus trufant shit we had jerry rice for a season my dad used to take me to the Kingdome all the time when I was little to see the Seahawks and Mariners he also took me to the Key to see the glove and kemp work dudes I miss the sonics man so much we would wait after games to see them I got to meet a rod Griffey Edgar Martinez the bone Nate McMillan Gary Payton vin baker Shawn kemp detlef schrempf the list goes on I will never forget those moments I love Seattle forever.´╗┐

  • Q: What class are you in Destiny? ´╗┐

  • Sup wit some longer vids josh.??!! With a wake n bake or something barely about to take my dab by the time its over lol ya kno.? Love your vids tho.keep em coming.cheers.!´╗┐

  • So jelious you can just walk in to a store and make a selection.
    Love the Seahawks, they my NFC team ´╗┐

  • How much where they a gram?´╗┐

  • y is it that almost ┬áno youtubers use carb caps while dabbing?´╗┐

  • You should do a review of indica and sativa, like which one you generally like better, when you use it, in what situations, ect. I know you've already touched on these before in your other videos but you should dedicate a video to it. You can also take alternating dabs of indica and sativa during the video. Love your videos, don't normally like content like this but your videos are strangely relaxing. I've been watching them for a few days and realized I should probably subscribe.´╗┐

  • Hahaha I know I get called a bandwagoner too and I have been a Hawks fan forever! All the haters can step off!

  • Just subscribed. Nice session. Love us some combos! Cheers´╗┐

  • wicked little bro ,really awesome job man´╗┐

  • Not a bad combo. I give this 6/10. ÔÖ×#KnightStatus #StayUp´╗┐

  • Gio

    I've been 3 weeks sober since I got laid off from my last job and i've been job hunting so im super eager to finally get a job and enjoy those sweet sweet cannabinoids┬á´╗┐