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Finally decided to do another one of these crazy dab challenges! 😛 This 4-in-1 Mini nail is gong to be quite the fun little toy! Enjoy!

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  • "Breath Month Awarness"

  • "Breath Month Awarness"

  • It'd be really cool if u did close ups on your dabs!! Love you josh!!!

  • Anybody else here not smoke weed and just watch because josh is entertaining

  • "breath month awareness can" ????

  • Hey josh can you do a review on the 7pipe twisty glass blunt please?

  • dab everyday

  • Josh you my boy but them was some weak ass baby dabs

  • Missed you josh

  • straincentral is dope but that was a bad dab

  • Omfg I love that little music intro 

  • Ok where did you get the panda sticker from on the thumbnail? I assume you might not know…

  • Please make a video about weed and schizophrenia, I need to know the truth.

  • I have PDD (Pervasive Development Disorder A mild form of Autism mostly just tics) Does anyone what kind of strain would help with like tic problems like the urge to move my neck and shoulder or like the all the time.

  • I just found out that cannabis doesn't kill brain cells but instead it promotes new brain cell growth. Here's the link

  • Much lungs, so chill.

  • WHAAAAT. We are hanging out and using this! HOLY shit!!

    I was holding my breath the whole time hahaha.

    You mostly killed it ;D.

  • have you ever had depersonalization from weed?

  • please I know I've asked before so please excuse my incompetence but have you ever eaten shrooms I hear they got variety out there!

  • You didn't "technically" complete the challenge. You blew smoke from ur nose after the second dab and you didn't completely rip the last one. Phony