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I had to go big for 4/20, so I decided to attempt the 4 bowl/20 dab gauntlet!! This may actually have been the hardest challenge i’ve attempted yet, just because it’s smoking straight for almost 15 minutes! I can honestly say this was harder than the 1 gram dab!!!

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  • I had to quit smoking after decades of smoking..a chest infection after now i have to use other really miss smoking though.

  • Everyone go check out THCtemple he makes great content similar to this

  • laughed my ass off when he was knocking shit over he was so baked at that point ?

  • You took the water out and it was unfroze and it froze on you? That shit happens to me when im not high and it mesmerizes me. To think what that must be for someone who just did 4 bowls and 20 dabs is insane

  • ur not a hard smoker bro but i know u are a good person and i love the way u are bro godbless?✌

  • U look a crack head ed sheran

  • Fuck off u think only usa celebrates 420 u fucker

  • i turned 20 that day

  • holy shit only a year ago and you look so young !

  • Not just in the US, celebrated here in the uk aswell ✌?️ and I know it's a old vid XD

  • lol…the baby coughing is hiilarious

  • just got my wisdom teeth pulled :/ cant smoke for a week MINIMUM. videos of other people smoking are getting me by, that and the small amount of hydrocodone they gave me

  • Just watched this again had a mini 420 party solo?✌️always puffin along with you in your vids bro

  • I LOVE his coughs in fast forward

  • oh no a leafy is here sticker

  • Josh!!! you should post a video where you recreate an old video you've made and do a kind of "throwback" video to one of your first videos. then put in clips from the old video that you look back on and find funny. maybe I'm just positive and medicated but I think it'd be cool Lol

  • this is easy i can do in 10 min

  • A year old but this video is bomb as fuck! And you look a lot different now damn!

  • i dont understand dabbing, someone pls explain the process

  • what's the second song called? I would like to know please c: