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Thought i’d attempt a 4 piece combo today!! Over time we’ll work out way up, but for now 4-in-1 is my limit 😛 Need some smaller pieces to add to this combo, and we’ll be be golden!!


  • What the hell did he say from 0:00 to 0:02 ??? "Was everyone my movie Josh Shane central… "

    Speak CLEARLY.

  • Nice pulls bro. Hope you did something chill after that sesh. Stay 420

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  • Holy shit! That looked brutal, especially holding in that dab for so long. Bet you were nice and toasty though :)

  • Pussy hoots

  • Hey c: Im from Orting and id be sweet af to make a video together :D

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I thought you Amed that torch at your door knob

  • Nice one man! When I was about 18 or 19, some of my friends called me iron lungs because I could take huge hits and not cough. I was also the only one that could completely clear this gigantic bong we named "twister" out of about nine people. It was no big deal to me and these were mid grade flowers mind you but it is fun. Also I noticed that I can hold my breath longer now after all the ganga smoking lol. But after all pot is an expectorant and can help your lungs from what I have read. K enough ramble lol..peace.

  • Love your Halo Reach poster dude. Been playing that series since I was 5

  • bro my fav strain is tahoe og brotha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whats urs and how did you like it?>???>?

  • Omgeee I LOVE your shirt….do you know what it is….its not sure if its Mexican or not but I know its a brand of gum sold a ton in mexico :)

  • Nice vids bro. I only came across your channel today and I've watched a bunch of content, your videos are entertaining and your knowledge makes it enjoyable and interesting to listen to your topics of discussion. Keep up the good work man, this channel deserves a lot more support than it has right now. I was subbed to Customgrow420 when he had 20k subs so lets hope I can bring that good luck to you :P. Have a good one man.

  • Sike I'm just trolling thumbs up bro!

  • Choke at 3:22

  • Your crazy dude

  • Ive watched a good number of your videos since finding your channel on duh youtube about a week ago. Gotta say love the vibes your giving off, keep up the good work and stay baked :D

  • Efin a Cotton!

  • Nice cloud!

  • Been a longtime follower of your content for quite sometime. Just subscribed, All your vids are kick ass. Check out my instagram if you have one i just started posting a few days ago! Burning_lechuga 

    -keep up the good work