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3rd Annual Clinic Golf Charity Classic – News Sept 10 2012

Gil and the WeedMaps crew attend the 3rd Annual Clinic Golf Charity Classic in Denver, Colorado where they and other compassionate sponsors make an effort to raise money for The Multiple Sclerosis Society.

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The Clinic’s Website


National MS Society

Song: Wonderful
Artist: Childish Gambino ft. Josh Osho


  • 3:50 lol i love the eminems gold think thats on it looks baked olso

  • thats exactly what i want to do, smoke some green on the green

  • fuck you. gil is tight as fuck

  • get the fuck out of my state

  • Yep that was TANG…

  • Nice did just see TANG!!

  • tell that country club to fix there potholes wtf?????

  • This charity golf tournament and after party raised over $15,000 for the National MS Society… Peace – Gil

  • Sam

    from Montreal… whooaa i want to be there such cool people.

    Gotta love weed and love and smoke weed while doing love 🙂

  • thanks


  • Was hoping to get a closer look at that putter that you can dab with

  • TONS of TI Power love in this vid! Love seeing that! Hats off, guys. Great job.


  • 2:35 is that tang?!?

  • 100% agreeable

  • Thank you guys so much for Sponsoring and Attending this event it really means alot to me being from Colorado and to see people come together for such a good cause, you guys are really doing great things thank you so much Weedmaps, The Clinic, Grenco Science, Heady Glass, and all the other sponsors who came out to support MS!

  • those new tanks have be really considering the G-pen now. Any idea on release dates?

  • Oh yeah, that's Tang, recognize that smile anywhere.

  • what the fuck kind of intro song was that?