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Just thought i’d bring the WeedTube a nice combo hit!! I ripped 2 bowls and 1 dab in 1 breath! Smoking on some Grapefuit flowers and dabbing on some Deadhead OG wax from Platinum Extracts.


  • Yo man, stay high, stay lifted dude??

  • What's the name of that background beat

  • +StrainCentral (Cannabis Reviews and Smoke Sessions) Why don't you take the dabs first so they're isn't a chance of the nail cooling down to much. Just curious, and I invite you too cone check it my channel. Just got started. I'm in puyallup if you ever wanted to do a little collab.

  • Nice haha.

  • what a soldier 

  • Good stuff

  • My name would be josh or my name will be josh??????????????

  • I'm going to have to try some combo's now, that look's way too fun
    Deadhead OG wax sounds dank, ive come across some top notch fire deadhead og in flower.

  • Email your address can send stuff for a review

  • Hell yea man!! Cheers!

  • Hell yea man!! Cheers!

  • way to go 
    dont try to keep up in vids with any body you doing good on your own bro

  • you need a slide stand, i make them and i wood burn designs and logos into them, lemme know if your interested, i also add dome holders onto them if needed

  • I hope i will be back with combos soon but until then keep them coming! 

  • great combo!

  • Cheers man!

  • Keep it up bro enjoy the content.

  • Gio

    Love the videos bro keep up the great work.