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Today Jenn from Dabbing916 challenged me to do a .3 gram dab and I accepted!! 😛 I am dabbing on some Kryponite from Platinum Extracts that I got from HOC. Make sure to try the challenge with me!! 🙂


  • When you said peace begin that cloud ???

  • hey Josh where do you go when you head to Canada ? we should blaze up if you come up next time!! im in BC!

  • I couldn;t stop laughing over how much you said medicated

  • I have that same shirt haha

  • That cloud reminded me of that 70s show lol

  • I want to see you cap your dabs! Just once lol

  • I'm high as fuck right now.. Watching you dab it made me feel even more baked… I look like a chinese mexican… -_-

  • Hold it in next time and count to 5.

  • I got the same torch, snapped .

  • Where do you think I can get cannabis easily. It's illegal where I am

  • "ting ting ting…I need little star thing to go across the fuckin screen"

    …"im a little pre medicated if you cant tell"              nope….not at all… >_>

  • That's what the fuck im talking about!!

  • that cloud tho

  • great golden globs!

  • Hella funny was have to do dab some time

  • This is a dope challenge!! Cheers! If I pick more up I'm down for this!!

  • Legend. 

  • I gotta try this challenge. But the prob is I dont have a scale. So ill jus do one monster one. 

  • Congrats on 1k subs. Funny fella.