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Thanks again everybody for helping me reach 2k subscribers!! I am having an awesome time making content for you guys, and hope to be able to for years to come! Cheers all~


  • 2k to 255k

  • You have come a long way man!

  • That's right dogg You did that mother fucking shit

  • Do you have an Instagram??

  • congrats man!!

  • k

    Damn I've been subbed since the 800s I think 

  • Congrats on hitting 2K! It's awesome toking with you and seeing you grow as a channel! Great product, great convos. Wish you the best man, stay high. xx

  • Always trying to add to my glass collection haha …..2 pieces :/
    I will be entering your contest for sure!!!!!

  • Awesome! Congratulations!!!!

  • Cheers

  • Awesome video

  • #75
    Congrats dog, flyin

  • Congrats man! You've came a long way! Ive actually recommend you to about just everyone I know in this community! Cheers brother looking forward to the give away. Keep up the good work

  • I need aglass piece and I make youtube vids as u know my dude cheers

  • What is up bro? So my friends and I came up with the "Daburrito". We flattened some dank shatter like a tortilla, then we filled it with some other shatter and crumble and hash. We rolled it up like a burrito and dabbed it. SUPER DANK!!!! I hope you can do it in a video sometime. Cheers!

  • Woah you live in tacoma? Let's dab down. I'm out in fife

  • Pluss I wanna win bec I'm helluh lit right now of that cookies dabs still(: lmfao

  • Well I would love to win a bubbler bec well it's not every day you win a bubbler lol and I smoke everyday I don't do YouTube and I only got one bubbler so I would like to have another one especially from you even a signature on it so sometime I can shoot my first YouTube video and shout you out I would love to also see a montage of all your best and biggest hits I like seeing them and well keep the good work up and I also want to win the bubbler bec well I never win anything and if I win this that would be the best thing ever bec I been with you sence like 20 subs and you have had so much progress and I know someday ima be like dam I got a bubbler from a famous you tuber(: Cheers!!!!:D

  • Nice vids I been with you sence the start! Keep the blaze on and yea I love combos!!! Montage soon??????

  • congrats josh! love you bro!