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So I stopped through Clear Choice Cannabis last night & asked them to give me the cheapest, best eighth of weed they had. As well as one of the best top shelf eighths they had to compare the two! 😛

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MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
2602 S. 38th St. PMB#138
Tacoma, WA 98409


  • After being 100 percent dried and cured I don't think there should be any hay taste. Maybe you should let that bud breathe for a while.

  • What's the difference between recreational weed and medical weed are they not both the same? Do they regulate thc or something?

  • holy shit their scores are huge, here we only get about 2 grams for the same price IF THAT thats lucky if that happens normally around 1.6 grams here

  • $25 for an eighth? Shit in south texas its like 45

  • Your name would be josh if what?

  • Idk I recently got some flower that didn't look great. Very dark, little triches. Dark orange hairs. It could probably pass as Reggie around here, I was pissed. I smoked some and it was very very high quality. I've had top shelf very few times, but I usually get mid shelf to top shelf. Extreme dank around here lol. And this was top shelf. It has to be.

  • in my state i pay 50 for ok weed its insane

  • Anyone know where he got that shirt from?

  • u say that this less expensive not top shelf bud is gonna be kinda what you have in illegal states but its not its way better than what most illegal states can get access to i cant find anything close to that and yet if i could id probably have to pay like way extra than normal and even normally its expensive as fuck

  • 20$ a eighth here in Colorado Springs.

  • breh really, i pay 40 for an eighth

  • prices near me (London)
    1g = £10
    2g = £20
    3.5g = £25-30
    7g = £50-60
    14g = £95-120
    28g = £180-220

  • question should I visit Oregon or Washington for a weed vacation? I live on east coast and need to check this out… Thx!

  • just grow ur own best way to get quality bud

  • In Germany in the City where I live you spend 5€ for 0,5 Gram

  • Do a pipe referral

  • i used to be able to get medium to near top quality for 20$ an eighth but now it 25$

  • i used to be able to get medium to near top quality for 20$ an eighth but now it 25$

  • its around 50 for some pretty dank stuff where i am (Illegal state)

  • i love watching your videos now. i moved from NY 6 months ago where i used to get pretty good weed to central florida where all i can get is like mids and on occasion some low quality kush. only time i smoke good weed is like once a month when i visit my friend who lives in jacksonville and boy do i get fuckin ripped. ill smoke a few dabs and a few joints and feel like i smoked for the first time. being able to watch these in between keeps me hopeful that america will just legalize it completely soon.