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2012 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in San Francisco – Part 1 In part one of this series, join Gil and the rest of the WeedMaps crew as they take a road trip north to Richmond, California, across the bay from San Francisco, for the legendary High Times Medical Cannabis Cup, a two day smokathon featuring some of the highest quality medication in the world. Dabs, dabs, dabs is the word when it comes to premium medication and there was definitely no shortage. Meet the main players in the West Coast cannabis industry and take a sneak peak at their new products and medication.

The WeedMaps booth was going off! SC Labs was there, as well as Steve Tuck, WeedMaps resident grower was on hand as well to answer those tricky questions. If you get a chance, come lounge with us at the next event in our smoking area. We’ll make sure to smoke you out!

See below for more videos from this amazing weekend coming in the next few weeks including winner coverage. Check out for locations to pick up some of this award winning medication. That’s right! You can actually procure Cannabis Cup winning medication in California!

Watch Part 1

Watch Part 2

Watch Part 3

Watch part 4


For information on where to procure Cannabis Cup winning medication check out:

Here is a link to the weekend’s schedule:

For information about future MedCan Cup locations check out:


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  • hi i am a 43 year old F,,,,i was told by a dr at 17 years old i would be lucky to be stll walking at 30 here i am still walking at 43 thank you to the weed god i can do it with out pain

  • Do you need a medical marijuana licence in order to participate in the toking at festivals/cups? 

  • Namaste, Yoga of Herbs 🙂

  • what the fuck is up with the terribl music??

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  • whats that song at 1:00?

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  • subcool loooks like a lizard

  • Hey i want to go to one of this events how can i go im a legal patient in california


  • 1:27 Primo Extracts

  • sad to hear that.put a seed in the ground and fight that tyranny.

  • lol at 1:15 masterbong in the backround

  • San Francisco sure is not Illinois, Having weed out here is like killing someone to the authorities.

  • eminem no ones iller

  • /watch?v=PdK3dRGareY
    only this

  • Task Rok – Keep it right

  • Love when my internet can't load the videos and I have to start and stop in 240p… I have 20/20 vision and the only quality i can watch these amazingly awesome videos in, is toaster mode.

  • In CA, everybody has a cannabis club card. It takes 30 minutes to get one. Bad back, anxiety, mood swings, eating disorder, doesn't matter what it is, cannabis can help.

  • Unlike a music festival there owuld probably be no overdoses orbad things happening when everyoens gettin irie.