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2011 Oakland Cannabis & Hemp Expo – ITCHE

September 2011 Oakland International Cannabis & Hemp Expo – ITCHE –


  • richard lee is my hero right next to mark emery

  • loves WeedMapsTv! Thanks for all the love. If yall need me holla.

  • @ToOoDaNk douchebag. what are you doin besides sittin on your ass hatin. STOP HATIN. these ppl work for legalizing it meanwhile you jack off

  • @HighLikeAMartian its Oakland, CA

  • DAD?!

  • You guys need to show off some buds in a studio maaaan

  • dude ineed the name of all those tracks! GREAT MUSIC. PM ME IF YOU CAN!

  • All i saw was a bunch of disgusting worthless people.

  • @Bret1Maverick oh haha, yeah i get what you're saying, thanks for the info and reply.

  • @XxC1R3xX lol. I was complimenting how popular they With "WeedWars" coming up, Harbersides going to be the one evry one thinks of, in the world, when they think MMJ. What i cant figure out, is If I was being investigated by the IRS. I wouldnt be making a TV show that shows how much I buy, and how much i pay for hurb, then go show how much my store thats being Oditted sells it for.LOL. Its like he wants to show everyone he is doing things right.

  • @iHaveAnger now were on equal grounds 🙂 and i agree with you completely alrite man peace and stay high. dont get caught haha

  • @XxC1R3xX That's not what I'm expecting. Believe me, I would love to be able to smoke publicly. It's a sad day in the UNITED STATES where people are jailed for exercising their right to choose, especially when they choose to use a beautiful and virtually harmless plant.

  • @iHaveAnger you dont think i know that? thats the only reason prop 19 didnt pass over there.. and its realy not up to each dispensary but it is up to the people and yes i agree they are not that smart for not legalizing it when they had the chance but hey it happened… but what do you expect them to do just throw away their only chance to smoke without getting harassed by the police every second those pigs get the chance?

  • @XxC1R3xX And another thing, many of these dispensaries do not want full legalization, because they will be losing money! What does that tell you about their so-called "compassion?"

  • @XxC1R3xX I understand your point, but that is not at all what I am saying. All I am saying is not to get too comfortable. Never give up the fight for full legalization just because you can use it semi-legally in California. Although it is not hard to get a MMJ card out there, you have to get an approved valid reason to be able to use cannabis. By adhering to a "terms of use", you are being chained down!

  • @iHaveAnger so everyone that smokes out for the fuck of it in cali should stop just because people in new york are getting thrown in jail? this is kinda off topic but thats like saying we should stop watching TV and eating three square meals a day just because kids in africa dont have these luxury's… and im not talking about S. Africa… thats what every Country thinks of us and why they hate us… they say look at those Americans they're a bunch of spoiled assholes! get what im saying??

  • @XxC1R3xX I am not blaming anything on California, you clearly misread what I wrote. What I said was that Californians seem to take for granted the fact that they can smoke up publicly without getting arrested. In other places, it can be, in legal terms, worse than assaulting a person. In Indiana, for example, simple marijuana possession is a felony offense! People seem to forget the struggle others face once they have moved past it themselves. Not cool.

  • @Safetypin6010 yeah they dont need to be showing off like that it makes the rest of the smokers look bad.. the government see's this and assume this is how all the smokers act and that's what keeps it illegal.. but its not like you don't see drunk people running through the streets naked or causing bar fights or driving drunk etc. i could go on forever… maybe we need an Al Capone of Cannabis to finally get it legalized haha

  • @DeFecTix so if you didnt need it you wouldnt smoke or eat it??

  • @iHaveAnger its no ones falt in California that the east coast hasnt legalized it under prop 215, and the people of California voted for it… so blame the east coast for not legalizing it.. stop hating on cali just because your bitter ass is jealous.. get over it, and if they want to be spoiled let them they pay for what they smoke legal or illegally… the east coast just doesn't have the legal option and they need to live with it till either they go along with prop 215 or the US legalizes