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$20 BONG VS $450 BONG

18+older. A comparison between a piece from vs Roortech!




  • Why does he always act like the hits are making him die inside he looks like he's eating roaches lmao

  • ya fat slut

  • Hi

  • LOL the end is hilarious

  • "i almost said my name was ralph." lol stoner references

  • Why do you keep taking the pipe out of the bong every time you smoke it?

  • I know this is probably a stupid question but what's the proper way to empty my bowl without getting my hands dirty

  • i love this channel.

  • Hahaha dope video ✊???

  • What is the breathing technique?

  • hey bro can you put up the link of the $20 Bong??

  • You need a glass screen homie! You're pulling a lot of bud through the hole. You can see the bud floating in the water.

  • I couldn't leave all those pieces open like that on a shelf. earthquake = sadness for a long while

  • aaaaand stopped watching at about 50 seconds…too annoying. Kinda sounds like he has COPD too…them big gulps of air before every single sentence. Its like he's constantly smoking with how he blows out lol. Slow down and breathe haha Might wanna slow down on the smoking haha. And that camera…geez constant refocusing.


  • Ye dude, great viewing first thing in the morning. Really good info too….big thumbs up.

  • Wow Ron Jeremy's eldest son smokes alot of weed.

  • The eye thing at 4:11 pretty much melted my mind. Great Job!

  • +Customgrown420 only 12 seconds and im ready to leave this vid

  • too milky? i didn't know that was a problem lol