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It’s hard to believe that StrainCentral has already been a channel for 2 years… It’s been an incredible journey so far & i’m more than excited to see what is to come! 😛

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  • your channel anniversary is my birthday

  • Josh, love your channel. =) You should do a review on moonrocks! It's basically beautiful weed porn.

  • dude, ive been subscribed from when you only had not even 10,000 subs. congrats man! love the content! cheers josh!

  • what's wrong with being a weird, socially awkward person rambling to a camera?

  • More 2 Come!!

  • you're QL

  • I feel Like your riping off defranko

  • question everything… it

  • bro i lost it at im already feelin it now mr.krabs

  • u owe customgrow420 as well cuz I wouldn't have found u if I didn't watch him

  • those were good videos.

  • is it me or does anyone else think Josh was completely baked when he started this video

  • sorry to bother, but does anyone know where he gets his pendants from?

  • keep it up brother, you put a lot of work into ur channel, you deserve what you have got and ur gonna continue to grow, stay medicated

  • Hey Josh, congratulations. I love your videos, and i've just bought my first ever glass because of you, and i'm 41 🙂 it rips btw. Stay happy, from the Uk (Wales), Clare 🙂

  • R2a

    cheers from Malaysia Josh ^_^

  • Congrats on 2 years of weedtube!!!!! Happy birthday Strain Central!!!! Much love from us from the Ganja Gang! Cheers!

  • what's that second instrumental

  • 19th is my birthday hommie!

  • 12:13 that's ten josh. Not 5