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.2 Gram Dab + .2 Gram Bowl in 1 Breath!!


[] – Make sure to follow for when I stream!! 😀
Decided to try and do a good size combo!! Going to be working my way up to the full gram combo eventually, (.5 gram dab + .5 gram bowl) It will be done!! 😛 Cheers everyone~


  • this was baller life man cheers!

  • Hey Josh, love the channel. Would you happen to know where I could get a piece just like the one you were using for flower in this video? Seems to be your daily driver, and I'd love to add a piece like it to my collection! Keep it up dude.

  • Do you still stream ?

  • Just curious, but I was wondering. Do you ever smoke joints?

  • Fuck Xbox! It's all about the ps3!

  • man ur content is so good for a starting channel i love it ur personality its great im for sure subbing man cheers and dont give this up u have such a natural vid flow for this i can tell u can make it man,

  • Cheers!!!

  • We'll done man, I just subbed to you after seeing a comment on HaleyIsSoarx and I really appreciate what you are doing for the YouTube community, and I recon adventually the world will relies that canabis is a harmless drug and should sell it anywhere,the government should legalize it in Australia, that is where I live, because if it is legalized it will just bring food company's up xD because all us stoners will just buy a lot more food 😛 let me know what you think dude :P

  • Has anyone ever told you, you remind them of an Ewok from Star Wars?

  • Check out far cry 4 game is sick dunno if you played any of the series. Toke on juicebox113 -ps4 realize you said you are on Xbox

  • josh!! add me on xbox josh! bigbean1313! lets build shit in minecraft

  • Best youtuber ever 🙂 

  • Josh do you have a Xbox one or 360

  • ill definitely be there

  • Happy Thanksgiving brotha! 

  • SmokingWeedAndGaming is my favorite twitch channel 

  • Mad milky combo, I would love to have joined the live session although I'm in australia and it is currently 10pm. I have consumed 20mg of valium and 2 grams of pot. So it's of to bed with me lol

  • You wanted to save that bowl be honest lmfao.

  • Dabbing on some nug run Jupiter og shatter in New York. Love watching ur vids man and toking along keep up the good work.

  • Ey you definitely need some back up dancers with that music lol cheers yo nice combo