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So I finally decided to attempt a gauntlet!! Plus there is a combo!!! 14 bowls in 6:03 was my final time. I was smoking on some AK-47 that I grabbed from the market. Not a huge flower smoker the last several months, so I probably should have tried this with concentrates! ­čśŤ

Music by : Scarecrow Beats


  • that takes guts… or "lungs" in this case.. my asthma havin ass cant even rip two bowls one after another´╗┐

  • damn at 5:00 when that new beat came on i had to freestyle lol´╗┐

  • Nice ,´╗┐

  • who's the buff cutie in the vid?´╗┐

  • You absolutely fucking died on 14´╗┐

  • he used to be fat´╗┐

  • he used to be fat´╗┐

  • I was here josh ?´╗┐

  • Watching this sober with those sick beats will make you feel high haha´╗┐

  • wow´╗┐

  • Can't Wait to be able to smoke again!! Mid this life soooo much!!´╗┐

  • bruh he was fat af then´╗┐

  • Is very sad that we haven't got as much weed or even as nice weed to do the same thing we have only amnesia and cheese love ur channel Josh how would you cope with leavingbuying on the street and there be only difference srans?lol´╗┐

  • that green one looks badass. where'd u get it?´╗┐

  • The beat alone had me on cloud 9 fam
    an I wanna give a nice thanks too you for helping me venture farther into cannabis
    much love homie peace an cannabis is all we need´╗┐

  • How did I not find you long ago. Subscribed forever.´╗┐

  • Oh man, what a sick beat at 5:00.´╗┐

  • How are you still alive bro´╗┐

  • you know those things are called ash catchers for a reason…´╗┐

  • LOLOL 'my audience retention is fucking awful' na ­čśë we're stoney ass viewers man we're couchlocked´╗┐