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$10 VAPORIZER??? – (10Cig Review)


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Today SourceVape sent over a couple 10Cig’s to do a review on! The 10Cig is a wax/herb vaporizer kit that retails for $10. Watch the video for the full review! Overall I give it a solid [5.1/7]


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  • So it doesn't smell?

  • I ordered this before you even did the full review. I just saw the comments. I've been wanting a vaporizer for a while now but I didn't want to buy an expensive one since I'm planning on buying a new bong soon. I'm super excited for it to come in!

  • You never said if it gets you that high?

  • Just bought one!

  • can you vape hash with this?

  • Could you use the herb "chamber" for kief?

  • Ordered this shit off their website, got an email saying it would take 2 weeks to ship because of over order
    A month later and 3 support messages sent, they havent contacted me, they've pretty much taken my money and ran.
    Dont buy from this piece of shit company.

  • I bought 3 of these 2 for me and 1 for my friend. PS. IM 15

  • just ordered mines i'm pretty excited but i need to ask you one question +straincentral

  • "Mahh battery" ?? for future reference its milliamp hours ?

  • Not a weed question lol the (camo, blue an yellow) top/jacket your wearing on this video is filthy, can you tel me were you got it from plz, hopefully it was online cos I live the uk, cheers josh great vids keep them up ?P.Shave you tried a bucket bong (a gravity bong in the states) with a bag attached to draw the smoke instead of water, we call them a lung bong lol it be great to see you trying one out.if you need to know how to make one let me know, cheers buddy.

  • Was the packaging anonymous?
    Just curious ;)

  • it is almost $600 for send to Brazil 🙁 sadd

  • does it mask much smell or is a sploof probably mandatory especially if smoking inside?

  • the shipping is 30 dollars to my country :(

  • Out of 7?

  • oh my gosh josh, you are just too adorable XD

  • Instead of saying maw, or mah, say Milliamp-hour :p

  • for me to get it to Australia it would coast me $340 in shipping .. and thats USD convert that to AUS its $471… coast you $10 coast me $471 wow

  • hey i have a question. What temperature does this vape heat up to. I see no information about it in their website or here. Does this even vape it? cus it looks like at the end of the coil it gets really hot and just burns it with the tip. Im still gonna buy it, looks nice and compact, affordable and hidden easily. Thanks!