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$10 GRAM OF BHO???


Thought i’d show you what $10 can buy you in the state of Washington… a gram of straight poop soup… Saving a couple dollars is NEVER worth your health. Get your concentrates from reliable sources that take your health into consideration!!

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MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
2602 S. 38th St. PMB#138
Tacoma, WA 98409


  • Glad you have top shelf stuff.. I would message you and ask you a few questions but I dont know if you will see it and i cant comment it because well i dont know if theres anybody that ik see this comment and im in a illegal state..

  • can u vape BHO

  • That's becuzz it's not bho hash its ISO hash oil that was run to long it's black becuzz clorifill its onley plant shit

  • Dude that looks like reclaim ? Would rather smoke my Kush resin ~ C02 ? WTF?

  • Stop smoking this shit, weed won't kill u but this will probably ?lol

  • i wouldve felt embarassed buying that

  • great stuff bro

  • Whoa..looks like the reclaim of a previous reclaim of already shitty BHO. xD

  • Looks like rso

  • It looks like a CO2 extraction bro. Are you sure it's BHO. CO2 extraction looks just like that, and I personal think it taste like shit. But I've heard a lot of people say they like it. yuk!!  Either way somebody fucked it up

  • just because you can't buy good oil it dosent mean you have to go back to flower, listen up all you have to do is LEARN HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN! IT'S NOT HARD! I only make my own

  • Good for you Josh, thanks for saying this…

  • bruh… watched the first vid a year ago. CUT YO FUCKEN HAIR

  • sometimes a QWISO run (if not done at proper temps/times) can produce a poop-soup looking hash… but it's still fire as fuck. that's ISO tho…and, basically, if you let it purge 24hrs+ lil heating pad action…you definitely won't have any solvent in there. so…if it's BHO and looks like this…baddy bad bads. if its QWISO that was just done improperly…but purged correctly…then it'll look like shittown but smoke like fuckin rome

  • holy fuck that should never EVER have touched a shelf and been available to a patient.

  • holy shit here in spain we get hash for 4.5 euro and its prety fine

  • In Missouri there's retards that smoke shit that looks just like that. That's why I quit smoking BHO. If I do ever dab again it's going to be some healthy looking shit, not black tar heroin looking stuff.

  • Weed is bad for your lungs maybe a little less with good stuff but still it destroys your lungs, when you say weed has no down sides your lying

  • You know that $10/gram BHO is 10x better than hash in the UK, it literally has bit of plastic in it, hence why I don't buy hash

  • Lol I've bought street wax that looked 100x better than that literal shit