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18+older. We fill up the 10 foot vape bag to set the World Record. We have Phil and Ryan to assist, and Gabe to make it official! We have some Blue Chem Berry from Sweetgreens Co-Op vaporized out of a Volcano! If you have ever passed around a vape bag between friends you already know what’s up!

10 Feet of vape by one as fast as possible!

Enjoy the fun!!!




  • Your a bitch and im going to find you and rob you for all you weed

  • Need that aftermath video

  • There looks like there's hardly any vape in it

  • Just some nice critique sir.
    Please change to a more mellow intro and outro. I can see you got great stuff on your channel and you've succeeded in more pot related stuff than i ever will.
    But the only thing that made me not subscribe and watch was the intro/outro issue.
    it's so much louder and faster than the rest of the content.

    Happy smoking brother, and of cause no hate from me.

    But heck, I'm sorry if it was some sort of a classic thing on your channel.

    Much love.


  • бляяяя,тебе бы спайса дать….

  • Dude you are so much fun to watch love all the vids keep up the great works!!!!!!!

  • A guy stroking a 10 foot package and jollie sucking it dry. Nice.

  • I want to see you do a 20 foot vape bag bro

  • all that weed you wasted could have got a poor Ethiopian family high for a month.

  • I don't see why the intro should bother anyone… it's fine with me 🙂 I ain't smoked for about a month now & really looking forward to my next sesh cuz it's gona wreck me! I use to like greening out but I can feel myself kind of fear it, especially cuz I think it's gona hit me hard after like 3 or so… still wish it were legal in Australia! keep up the good stuff Jolie Ollie!!!

  • props Beast mode on a lot of hits. check out Pakelika doing a vape bag hit on YouTube if you haven't already. For anyone who doesn't know Pakelika he was an artist from the group kottonmouth kings.

  • Weak, that guy pushing the bag probably pushed most of the vapor out, I have a volcano and when you push the bag like that vapor leaks out the side of the mouth piece

  • "VAPE BAGe" in a WA accent is so funny!

  • i lost brain cells watching this

  • i didnt realize this was a customgrow420 video before i clicked on it and now im so glad i did xD

  • 63 seconds I'm high lol

  • 6994004332

  • bob+

  • Damn I could best that. Help me out

  • wht u on bru

    crack head