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10 DABS IN 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE GRAVEYARD DAB!!!!!

18+older. In remembrance to those crazy soda fountain mixes as a kid!



  • Love the setup man.  Looking to get that hook up for my bong.  Great vid

  • what would be impresssive would be a gram crit bowl :D

  • seems friendly and reasonably smart. BUT why in hell do you put up this sort of videos…..just stupid when you know a lot of young kids watching. (SO kids…this is no future….trust me…been there, done that).

  • where you really high on blow in this video?

  • What kind of nail is that?

  • Sit yo excited ass down!!! LMAO that's a fucking dab. props

  • why am I watching a ad about a elmo on a dabbing video?

  • What's your address? So I could come rob your fat ass and give you a hair cut.

  • What kind of torch is that?

  • lean and dab

  • why is your water blue I like it

  • you looks like Ron Jeremy

  • Why didnt you inhale :/

  • This dude is a legend

  • So many misinformed people here, fml.

  • super baked

  • how did You make the fucking water blue ?

  • ._____________________: wou

  • quit exhaling every 10 seconds you stupid fat fucking idiot

  • would love to try your dabs !!!