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1 YEAR ON YOUTUBE!!! (Cheers & Thank You)


So i’ve finally technically reached a year on the Youtube! 😛

I uploaded a couple videos (some have been previously deleted) on February 19th, 2014 just to kind of test the waters. There has been 115 videos since! 🙂 Thank you all for the support!! Hope to have many more rad years!!


  • I got with my girlfriend on February 19th 2014 haha

  • If you wanna know now I am 35 lolPace✌?️✌?

  • Cheers Josh thank you you have learnt me stuff I would've never have known ✌?️✌?and I have been smoking since I was 14 lol

  • Awwwwwww! We Love you too!

  • Hey i have a request for a video! Can you please do a Q and A? Cha cha cheers josh! NIce naked faced vid btw! :)

  • I wish we could meet one day! But I live in Sweden so it won't probably happen! I really like your channel and how you act! You seems so chill. I wish we could just smoke some weed and play games and eat a lot of KFC ;D

  • Right on, glad to see you this far! By far my favorite smoking channel on youtube. Hope you're having a good day. Happy smoking! 

  • Yo dude your my faviorte youtuber congrats on 1 year im smoking on pine apple express cheers bro +StrainCentral (Cannabis Reviews and Smoke Sessions) 

  • Yo dude in smokin on pine apple express and congrats on one year your one of my faviorte. Youtuber cheers

  • Dude u say thank you to us but we don't say thank you back I speak for everyone here as I say
    THANK YOU x1000000000000000
    For awesome content
    ~cheers bro~

  • Your sick bro i love watchin wake n bake make more videos …..congratulations hommie whats up with a dab mat lol 

  • Lol when you were talking with your hands i was like dont hit the bong dont hit the bong but im blasted right now

  • I love ur vids there great I just started smoking weed and I love it 

  • heyy I make stoner videos too. if you get the free time , check them out please 🙂 thanks :)

  • Good luck getting a job in the cannabis industry Josh. When you apply for jobs be sure to put this youtube channel in your resume.

  • I'm munching currently on my second 100mg of hash cookie and it is good 😉 later got time for refine to reframe my mind lolz cheers mate, Austin

  • Congrats on 1year on Youtube! ! Keep the videos coming !!

  • Hey bro im new to your channel and so far i love it keep up the good vids XD

  • your rambling cracked me the fuck up manxD congratulations on one year!