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1 JOINT = 10 CIGARETTES?? – (Weed Myths #7)



I saw this myth the other day & knew I had to address it! I also had some people who didn’t think cannabis had tar in it, so I thought i’d cover this topic in a whole this afternoon! 😛
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  • You should do something on teen use of marijuana

  • so nobody has died from a car accident when the driver was under the influence of weed?

  • in The Nicest Way possible I Just wana Know What are u diagnosed with to get your medical weed Card or what ever. (I live in a state where medical weed is not legal. so I dont really know how it works)

  • I love how he casually takes a blowtorch thing lol

  • I showed this to a class full of 5th graders and they all got stoned

  • Josh what is your oppionion on how marijuana effects your brain and the burning brain cells thing?

  • best content ever! cheers Josh, unfortunately lot of people here in Europe smokes weed with tobacco. It takes all the good taste away and stinks. I hate tobacco as my dad actually died from cancer when I still was a kid.

  • Who got lung cancer from smoking cannabis twice a day

  • 99.999999999%

  • I'm surprised you didn't bring up the fact that cigarettes have filters and most joints have straight up cardboard. So that probably also plays a large factor into it.

  • Yea I got bronchitis little while ago only ever smoked weed but tbh it only lasted a few days (extremely miserable) but if that's true worst thing it causes, that's nothing. #smokeweedeveryday420noscopedbitches

  • You can still put active coal filter adapters on your bong, they will cool down your smoke and filter tar out, you will feel it :). There are also active coal filters for joints, they will remove the hot burning kinda feel in your lungs completely. I would suggest Stanwell or ActiTube Filters. Stanwell for joints, ActiTube for pipes and bongs. Feel free to try it out, you will thank me later. Oh and stay away from the Carbon Filters, I heard they produce cancerous ingredients, not sure tho. Greetz from Germany, been smoking Lemon and Amnesia Haze from the Netherlands. Oh and White Widow to have a nice and deep sleep :). Keep going Josh!

  • I spoke 300 kilos a week


  • illuminati! free my jigga josh man

  • illuminati! free my jigga josh man

  • Cigarettes are basically the Hitler of Smoking

  • I had suspicions he was in the Illuminati and I think he confirmed it unsubbed

  • I would disagree with nicotine point as far as from what I have heard is nicotine itself isn't harmful it the other chemicals in tobacco. They have started doing study's for Parkinson's and nicotine apparently nicotine stimulates the brain. It's showing benefits for early development of Parkinson's.

  • i just came up with a slogan

    We need weed, Brown goes down.