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Thought of a new challenge idea, called the “1 Gram Scale Challenge”, where you basically smoke 1 gram of cannabis in 4 breaths. Starting with a .10, you work your way up to a hearty .40 to top it off! 😛

Make sure to comment if you make try this yourself so I can see it!!!

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  • have you ever tried any psychedelics? shrooms mdma, dmt? if not you should at least make a video smoking dmt. you're always talking about spreading the love and positivity. put your money where your mouth is. smoke some dmt, tape it, and spread the word of some charities on your channel or something

  • 2:51 saliva mate, i get that too after big consecutive rips

  • I need ten subs

  • dick bong?…

  • Starts a 2:10

  • Not even a cough…

  • the drool oh my god 2:50

  • you look like a fucking idiot with tht beard if you think it makes you "manly"

  • do they have to call it a dick pipe?

  • What's wrong with rubber grommets

  • Jolie Whould have Done all These Hits without Brething between it

  • Well, sorry, down here we don't use grams, idk how much is a gram in what i have washington must be a dream man. We're from brasil.

  • i need to try this

  • I can't smoke weed around people 🙁 I get so zoned it just gets awkward every time. Macrodosing lsd works wonderfully though.

  • i'm pretty sure you got higher in this video than the 2080 mg of thc overdose video haha.

  • puppy monkey baby

  • Aye man you really turned around my day today!

  • The way my boy josh clears the mini bubbler pipe is just so satisfying

  • I can see strain central having close to half a million subs by year end. Mark my words reply if it happens Dec/jan this year

  • Imma take a couple big breasts!