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1 GRAM DAB!!!!


Today I headed out to the newly renovated dab bar at “Pacific Green and Delivery” in Puyallup ( and attempted the 1 gram dab challenge!! Check out their channel for more of the 1 gram challenge! Tell them I sent ya 😉

THE CHALLENGE: You must do the entire 1 gram dab in 1 breath (All the smoke must be in your lungs before you exhale) and not cough afterwards.

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  • didn't he say to do it in 1 breath? no exhaling? you took like 4 or 5 full breaths. impressive, but misleading

  • He definitely hit white after that XD

  • shit u got straight to buisness

  • hahahahaha

  • 1:341:35 I believe he crapped on him self lmao!!!!!!

  • "how do I shut it off"

  • How do I shut it off?

  • good times

  • hey, i can tell thats just butterscotch clearly! youre trying to fool all of these nice stoned folks with butterscotch how could you josh! but really your the best, big fan keep it up!

  • Next time get it all in one lung. You can do it.

  • damn….I kno he hella high

  • nice dab, try not to breathe air in to your lungs only your nose to try preventing the coughing effect.

  • I love this guy but his head to body ratio

  • Omg, a young Josh with braces, how cute!

  • That dudes lining is fucked.. lol

  • crazy I live right By I know where that is!

  • V/

  • That girl's laugh hurt my ears

  • that one gram made you lose 10 kilograms brah

  • the guy in the youtube shirt looks like travis alexander…