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This wasn’t the most exciting, but I hope you guys enjoy the conclusion!!! 😛
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  • 100% greened out haha

  • Just how high did this get u

  • i know that feel man.

  • K.O! Gotta love the aftermath!

  • That was the highlight of my day love your channel thank you so much for being so positive in the cannabis culture. 

  • the aftermath!! beastly man, that shit was intense=] professional dab master haha.

  • wow. …late…

  • Crazy hit…I kno the pain…it's hard to stop moving….but the high after is very rewarding 

  • So entertaining watching someone getting faced, good video.

  • you look fucking blown haha

  • lol cheers bet u felt great

  • Thanks for doing this for us man, I know you didnt HAVE to put your lungs through that. Cheers dude mad respect

  • I don't even know what a regular dab is like lol

  • Wow see this it what scares me about dabbing. How do you find the right amount that wont absolutely wreck you????? Good stuff josh love the cobtent love the channel!???????????????

  • Oh shit I didn't know you have a camera person! Or legs! 

  • don't know about you but the sweat in your eyes burn like no other !!!!

  • You handled your one gram dab better than my first dab ??? cheers man!

  • You went Marshawn Lynch beast mode on that one. Face turned redder than your hair lol