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1 GRAM DAB!!!!


So it’s August 1st, which means it’s time for my annual 1 gram dab! This was quite a fun one to record as always, and it’s followed by me having to get on a plane for Denver! 😛

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  • What a waste of money!

  • Im dutch so i really really dont understand this shit. whats the fun it? Its way nicer to just roll a joint and smoke that thing. this is just a waste ? still impressive though hahaha

  • your a fuckin pussy

  • reason 5980 why not to dab

  • YouTube please don't take this video down

  • You sir deserve more then 392,497 subscribers i love your videos keep up the perfect content cheers josh

  • hahah

  • lol what a dumbass

  • RIP

  • where was the dab?!?!?!

  • I shake in my chair when he says "AND TODAY!!!" xD

  • i see why his shirt said weed because that's simallor. to weed ????

  • Hahahahhaa

  • I do it everyday

  • When I started watching your videos, I was never into oil, didn't know anyone with it. But now I have my own setup and stuff, and god damn dude, I can't even imagine one gram. It truly is a lot of oil. I mean my biggest dab so far has probably been like .2 or somewhere near there, and even that was massive. And when I take in that much I usually don't feel good right after. Just like my chest kinda hurts and I have to take a few min to recover. I definitely feel super baked after a few minutes(it always creeps up on you!) but I feel like it would take an hour to recover from a full gram lmao. But I guess it's like you said, you do it so we don't have to. Hopefully none of my friends challenge me to do it lol.

  • cool

  • 2:58 You know that smile is trained and not real.

  • GOALS ????

  • just somke it yo

  • How's YouTube returning the love? lmao