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Decided that I was going to re-attempt the 1 gram dab!! Got it down from 7 breaths, to 3!!! 😛

Didn’t say it in the video, but I was dabbing on some of the T-Rex Grapefruit!!
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  • I got high just from watching this Kappa

  • Jolie does it better

  • Josh…you are a genius!! I am amazed at your creativity and ambition to reach outside the box of normalcy to become a successful business entrepreneur!! it took big gonaids to take something that you love to do and making a modality to turn it into a way to earn a living. I am impressed beyond words. I show your show to everyone !! All of my Love ..Zildjian and Sabians Mom

  • respect!

  • Some say he is still high to this day

  • I like that he actually took the full gram instead of half of it just going up in smoke.

  • DAMN standing up too

  • I just dabbed out not a gram but I'm still sweaty and baked coughing out a lung lol

  • no audio?

  • josh is a champion, this is the best 1G dab I've seen, most of the people have more smoke coming off the nail than they do being inhaled. way to do it right man.

  • You could probably get it one breath with a decent sized bong instead of a small/medium rig

  • WOW crazy! Girlfriend and I just did my first dabs ever!! Check em out on my channel!! :D

  • did you regret it?

  • Josh, your stuff is great. Thanks.

  • Josh you said you was going to do my grandad after Christmas I think you was going over to Joley and doing it ??

  • #BEARDTEAM ?✊?

  • yo man we have the same scale!

  • LIKE A BOSS!!! You made that shit look easy

  • Did Jollie call you on a side by side 1G? This qualified in my books. Lets see you guys rip it. 15 min of aftermath please. You two have almost convinced me to try my first dab. I have been a med patient for 5 months now. Here in Canada if you are among the recently permitted, one has to sign on with one and only one provider. Mine doesnt have concentrates or the intention. Meh…. good herb arrives on your doorstep not worth complaining about. Higest fives. Diggin your vids