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Decided to bust out a topic video today on what gets you more medicated, 2 small dabs or 1 big dab.


  • I'm sorry I hate to be that guy. I'm not bashing weed, but when you enjoy the ritual of smoking and enjoy specific actions about it, that's called a psychological addiction to weed. About the only way weed can be addictive be he's just a spitting image of the few who are "addicted"

  • Dude thank you for the tolerance break suggestion i dont know any medical patients so ive never looked at it that way. I also use .5-1g per day now im down to .5 or less if its fire. Love your channel keep up good vibes bro

  • i have that same exact piece lol.

  • Hey everyone! check out my half gram dab !!

  • Look at 6:48 on the video if you want to

  • HUUUUUGE FAN I NEVER COMMENTED LIKED OR SUBSCRIBED TO ANYONE', but you. I love the enthusiasm you have ! HUUUGE fan. Question , please, I see you made coool dab rigs, no one on youtube seemed to make a complete guide for dabbing 101 or dabbing for noobs, where you go over what each part is , like whatts a female, or male ?nail? glass, cermeric, or everyone uses titanium? why is that.
    LONG STORY SHORT, WHERE I LIVE, ON THE EAST COAST OF CANADA, THERES ONLY ONE HEADSHOP, SO THE PRICE FOR A RIG IS CRAZY EXPENSIVE. I dont NEED nothing fancy. I like the cool vertical bottle oil rigs u made. is there any you sell as a complete set ? like a dome,, a nail, a dab rig, everything i need, right now , im suffering with a gross olld used hand me down ceremic nail, and a huge bong , I NEED something smaller or a rig to be able to inhale a large dab at once.

    I only trust your advice man, so let me know, I live in canada, and im just looking for a full lil oil rig kit complete, shipped to canada east coast, me and my friend are looking to open a headshop, and wed love to carry your products if they work as good as they seem to in videos lol.


  • I like taking two because I like to inhale and hold the dab for a couple seconds before exhaling and also I don't cough as much which is always good haha

  • what about two big dabs

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  • Bro the tempature is 710 in the beggining and 710 upside is OIL lol

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  • hello men froomm colombia!!!
    wich is the name of the battery to connec to the pipe? thx

  • This guy is a hype

  • You should do a video on dabbing yourself sober, if that makes sense. I've got a few friends who've dabbed so much they say it doesn't get them high anymore. Usually a week or so of a tolerance break does it for me but they claim it doesn't work for em'. (They dab WAAAAAY more than anyone else I've ever met lmao)

  • Go big or go home. Fuck it!!!

  • If you're still wondering about temps I usually do 650 for low temp, 750 for mid temp, and 850 if you arnt planning on carb capping!!

  • Throwing up peace at the end was tooo funny 

  • Just found your videos today. Already diggin em! Definitely subbed. Cheers from Chicago

  • That E-nail looks sick man, I always love seeing new contraptions come out to make our smoking more enjoyable, cheers brother!